Our Lawyers

Law book, Hammer


  • Sebastine Tar. Hon, SAN, FCIArb.
  • Chief Mike A. Wodi, Esq. LL.B, B.L. – Head, Port Harcourt Office
  • Nguemo Uja, Esq. LL.B, B.L. (LL.M in-view) Head, Abuja Office
  • Comfort Igwe (Miss), Esq. LL.B, B.L. (LL.M in-view)
  • Barnabas Iorheghem, Esq., LL.B, B.L.
  • Terlumun Azoom, Esq., LL.B, B.L. (LL.M in-view)
  • Gideon T. Iorver, Esq., LL.B, B.L.
  • Tomnsan Ikachit (Mrs.) Esq. LL.B, B.L. (LL.M in-view)
  • Georgina Ukaha (Mrs.) Esq. LL.B, B.L.
  • Terna Iorhaa LL.B, B.L.
  • Jerry Dabo, Esq., LL.B, B.L.
  • Evelyn Agoh (Mrs.) Esq., LL.B,
  • Michael Terungwa Ageba, Esq. LL.B, B.L.
  • Daniel A. Ane, Esq. LL.B, B.L.
  • Ether C. Ebede, Esq. LL.B, B.L.
  • Christian Hon, Esq. LL.B, B.L.

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