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Law HammerThe Law Firm, S. T. Hon (SAN) & Co. (Lawshield Partners) was founded in 2000 by Sebastine Tartenger Hon, currently a Senior Advocate of Nigeria, SAN. It was then simply known as ‘S.T. Hon & Co. (Mimi Chambers);’ but the appellation ‘SAN’ was added to it upon Sebastine Tartenger Hon attaining the rank of Senior Advocate of Nigeria. Also, ‘Mimi Chambers’ was changed to ‘Lawshield Partners.’ The Law Firm has twelve (11) support Advocates and Solicitors.

The Law Firm is well stocked with current Nigerian Law Reports, including ones that are extinct in the market. The library is stocked with amongst other Books, the following Law reports: Nigerian Weekly Law Reports (NWLR); All Federation Weekly Law Reports (All FWLR); Supreme Court of Nigeria Judgments (SCNJ); Supreme Court Reports (SC); All Nigeria Law reports (All NLR); West African Court of Appeal (WACA) Reports; East Central State Law Reports (ECSLR); Nigerian Commercial Law Reports (NCLR); Nigerian Criminal Reports (NCR); All England Reports (All ER); Criminal Reports (CR-Canada); Etc.

In addition, the Chambers’ library is made up not only of current text books by Nigerian authors, but also of current text books by British, American, Australian, Canadian and Indian authors on all aspects of substantive law and practice.

The Law Firm is also fully computerised and compartmentalised. It has offices for all the Solicitors/Advocates, has a well furnished reception area, a library, a conference room and waiting room. It is fully air-conditioned, to cope with the harsh dynamics of the prevailing tropical weather of Abuja and Port Harcourt in Nigeria.

Also, to cope with constant fluctuation in public energy supply and service, the Law Firm has stand-by energy generating plants, for smooth operations.

As a testimony of its recognition by the Nigerian Law School, the School posts, on a yearly basis, students for their attachment exercise with the Law Firm.


To render selfless, honest and sound legal and allied services to humanity, within the strict confines of the law and to the best of our competencies.

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