LAW OF EVIDENCE IN NIGERIA, 2ND EDITION, published in 2013, is based on the provisions of the Nigerian Evidence Act, 2011. Prominent features of the book include an in-depth discussion, backed with very current case and statutory law, of nagging issues in the law of evidence, like admissibility of computer-generated evidence (generated from conventional computers, GSMs, ATM machines, internet, website/website postings, computerised clocks, traffic lights, audio and video machines, binoculars and photographic machines).

Admissibility of documents bearing e-signatures, documents prepared by persons without hands, by deaf, dumb and blind persons and indeed admissibility of all forms and types of documentary evidence, have also been discussed deeply.

Another major feature is a comprehensive discussion of the frontloading device, identification by DNA sampling, by sniffer dogs, by voice, by forensic science and all manners of identification evidence known to law.

The book has indeed covered the field of the law of evidence.